Commander in Crap Creator Trump Toilet Brush

The Commander in Crap™ Trump Toilet Brush is a Viral Hit

The Commander in Crap™ is a Donald Trump toilet brush and viral hit that is helping make toilets great again™.

Within a few months of the presidential product being featured on a famous New Zealand media site (not fake news), Commander in Crap™ sales skyrocketed to more than 10,000 units.



The trending toilet brush features Trump with his notorious orange-yellow hair and fitted in a blue suit, white shirt, and red tie. While some people are using the original patent-pending POTUS toilet brush to polish their porcelain thrones, others are finding that their unique purchase is a huge hit for birthday, holiday, and gag gifts.

At $23.50 plus shipping and handling costs, the presidential toilet brush will bring a deep clean as well as a smile to the face of the user.

Cleaning toilets could serve as therapy for those who want to get handsy with their handle and dunk the Trump. Michele Rubel, the inventor of the Commander in Crap™, said, “It was more for my therapy; it’s a therapy brush. Some people have a therapy dog; I have a therapy brush.”